I am Ali Raza

As a product manager, designer and writer, I help startups grow their business. Read some of my recent achievements below:

My Jobs

I am working at VentureDive where I am managing some products. These products are used by millions of users everyday. I also help some startups in strategy, design and growth hacking.

My approach

I believe in data-drive approach to everything. I don’t waste time and cost of startups. I want them to spend less and earn more using the best possible growth strategy. You can learn more about my approach.

“Ali has great product growth sense (one of the best), awesome knack of competitive analysis and latest industry trends, good technical know-how, keen knowledge of analytics and how they can be used to drive a product/business forward, and even more importantly the immense drive to succeed and create something great. I am also impressed by his leadership skills and teamwork.”

— Saad Fazil, Co-founder and Managing Director at VentureDive.

“I hired Ali because he was different from the lot in the city. He has a sense of design that is modern and global. More so, he had a 'growth' and 'process' mindset - something that matched with my aim of establishing predictable success. Ali has proven to be valueable at other companies as well and I think because he has a core of 'growth', he will continue to grow and grow whichever company he works at.”

— Zaki Shaheen, former HOE at Coeus Solutions GmbH, now at Facebook.

From my blog

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