Improved the app onboarding conversion by 30%

The challenge

The app is available on App store and play store. A new user has to go through an onboarding process in order to learn about the app. We found that only 65% of people complete the onboarding process. The plan was to improve the conversion rate.

The strategy

The data can only show what is the conversion rate or where are the most drops in the funnel. But to see what exactly is happening there we need to see how different people are interacting with the app. So we went to few people to see what were the most challenging part of them. After done few interview we found some common problems:

The business needs of on-boarding

After doing this exercise we discussed about the business needs. We tried to understand why this onboarding was important and what we expect from this process. We found the following things are most important for us in terms of business goals:

Created new

A product will be successful when you create a perfect balance between user’s need and business goals. Without any of these no product will be successful. Creating a right balance was the challenge now after hearing from both sides.

So we started thinking about removing all extra information from onboarding wizard and just add the following information:

So keep just these 3 steps in mind we designed a whole new onboarding experience for the app and when we launched we all were very much surprised to see the results.

The Results

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