4.9 App Store rating that doubled the downloads


Gifx makes adding gifs to your photos and videos fast and easy. It's as simple as adding a gif from your camera roll, gifx, or browsing giphy to find the perfect gif for your edit. Then you can customize your edit by adding a mask to stand out from the crowd. Lastly, you can add music to your creation before you share your creation with all of your friends and family.

The challenge

Despite having a very great product and right keyword targeting, Gifx was unable to get a good amount of downloads. There was a great feedback from the people who have been using the app. Peple were very well engaged with Gifx and using it regularly. But there are always some people who don’t like what you are doing and they give a very bad rating on store which impact the overall rating. Most of these people didn’t like why we were selling the special features via in-app purchase and our target was to stop them from app store rating section.

The strategy

But the problem is that apple doesn’t allow you to remove the negative feedback. So we made a following plan which can reduce the negative feedback on the store:

  1. We will ask user for the feedback in our app by showing the 5 stars so they can rate right there.
  2. If user clicks on the 4th or 5th star, it means they are satisfied with our app and we will take them to app store.
  3. If user clicks on 1st to 3rd star, it means they are not very satisfied with the app and we will take them to our customer support section where we can have a conversation.

The Results

Most of the people gave exactly same rating on the store. We were now only receiving 4 or 5 stars feedback. Just a couple of daily feedbacks had 1-2 stars. So most of the users who wanted to give low rating, they were moved to our customer support.

The overall rating of the app started increasing and within few weeks we observed that not only the average rating was increased to 4.9 but also we started getting double downloads per day by ranking on some popular keywords.

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