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5x your revenue by just improving your digital product

Is your product ready to make a multi-million dollar business?

Are you trying to figure out how to make your website or app so good that can help your business grow faster?

It doesn’t matter whether it is B2B or B2C, by improving your digital product you can earn at least 5x more money.

A lot of products like Uber, Slack and Evernote have invested their time on improving their products rather than focusing on traditional marketing activities and the growth they have achieved is a lot higher than their competitors. They have become the number one in their domains.

People love a good product and you already know it. But your business also needs a good product to make it successful. Here’s why?

Combining all these things will make your revenue at least 5 times more than what it is now. It can even go up to 100x depending on how you act.

And the biggest thing is that you don’t need to change anything in marketing. So here’s what will happen:

Here a real example.

Sakrobe.com helps people to hire service providers to solve their house related issues like cleaning, plumbing and household repairing by just using a mobile app. Few months ago they were receiving a very few orders a day. There was no growth.

I worked with their founders to see how we can grow this startup. We looked at their app and found some issues after running some real user tests and looked through data. These issues were blocking users to complete their jobs.

We also found that it was difficult to convince the visitors that they should order on this app to solve their household problems.

On other end, service providers were also facing some challenges to understand the job’s detail and they were running away without accepting or completing the job.

We started with small changes, every week we pushed a new version of the app. We ran some very deep analysis of conversions and user behaviors. Within 6 weeks we were able to raise their daily orders to 10 times more than before. We noticed that more than 90% of the jobs were completing within first 3 days. This all was done witout increasing the traffic. We just convert the existing visitors into paying customers.

So how do you make a product which will make you earn at least 5x more?

There are number of activities and checks you need to perform.

I have discovered and experimented these techniques in more than one hundred apps and websites. Everyone who tried those things have started generating at least 5x more revenue than before. Few of them even generated around 100 times more. 2 of them have become unicorns within first 30 months.

I will teach you those things by helping you perform those actions step by step.

And if you do exactly the same you will definitely start increasing your income from 2nd week.

Here’s the best thing, I can help you start your product growth for free. Yes, my first one-on-one session is totally free for a limited time for a limited people. Just fill out a form and we will catch up in next few days to initialize your growth.

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But what if you are just getting started?

That’s even better. You will not waste your money and time like most of other startups do. You will drive your product to the right direction from first day. I will help you avoid those mistakes most of these people do.

What about marketing?

Marketing is more powerful when you have a better product. Once you are able to start achieving higher conversion with good ARPU (average revenue per user) you will be more confident in your marketing campaigns. You can even raise funds for your marketing more easily. All you need to do is show those numbers to your investors.

What startups say about me?

“Ali is an excellent startup expert. He really knows his stuff with web app, marketing and everything. He helped us launch the product successfully even when we were delaying it from our end.” Wes, Miniflix

“Many thanks for your insightful work and all the effort. Our VP emphasized how much the product team appreciated to work with you and the plan to communicate during the process was just going so well because of your cooperation and professional dealing with it.” — Ceylan, AutoStadt

“Ali is a top notch product manager that exhibits flawless communication of ideas and executes on time. Brings in additional marketing insights as well that proved to be valuable to our product. I would highly recommend working with Ali and will continue to reach out as necessary.” Khawaja, Suncart

“Ali knows the product deeper than anyone else I know. He has helped us achieve our product market-fit within fist 2 months. We were able to lock our first deal because of that. We never thought that it will become so fast and easy for us.“ — Saad, Edlytica

How you can contact me?

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