Sakrobe received 5x more orders in just 5 weeks.

The challenge

Despite a huge organic market reach, they were not able to convert the visitors into the customer. Very few people were able to signup and order online. Our challenge was to increase the daily order rate by improving the mobile app.

The strategy

After looking deep into the data we found that a lot of people were installing the app and opening for the first time but they were not going through the signup process. We also found that those who wanted to signup, found it difficult to complete the process. Our plan was to reduce their pain which can help increase the conversion rate. We planned to run some usability tests and tried to validate the points we identified.

After understanding the behavior completely we did the following things step by step:

  1. Improved the on-boarding conversion rate by making it signup free (Signup will be required after you request an order).
  2. Made the request service flow easy by reducing the steps and saving the user’s information from their previous orders.
  3. Introduce the sign up with phone number which improved the signup success by more than 50%

The Results

The conversion was awesome. We never thought that this product has this much potential in it. The daily order rates increased to more than 5 times the previous. There is no one thing which make this change. We were able to raise the bar every week by executing the small changes one by one. One thing we made sure that the things we are doing were taking less development and design effort and maximum outcome.

Talk to us if you want to grow your business. We have the best product and growth people of this industry.

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I am Ali Raza

As a product manager, designer and writer, I help startups grow their business.
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